A Tool Of War That Everyone Fell In Love With: Spitfire

With massive fly-overs, huge parades, countless interviews, and the odd hangover,  what better way to bring it all into perspective than the...

This year, the Royal Air Force has celebrated a century of being a part of Her Majesty's Armed Forces. 

With massive fly-overs, huge parades, countless interviews and the odd hangover, what better way to bring it all into perspective than the release of a documentary about one of the most iconic aircraft of all time, the Spitfire.

The film, aptly named Spitfire, and narrated by Charles Dance, tells the birth, life and death of an aircraft that inspired a generation with hope, when it seemed all hope was lost. Fighting against the odds, and keeping the Nazis out of the skies above the United Kingdom, this plane had a unique look, a unique sound and, as told by the pilots themselves, a unique feel.

The movie speaks with people who were there, flying the plane, shooting the enemy down, and what it felt like to be a part of such an iconic battle. It also discusses the role of women in the war, and how the war machine could not have pushed forward without them. 

This was all highlighted on the night of the premiere, where many of the case subjects from the film, with the aid of serving RAF, were assisted onto the red (actually blue, for obvious reasons) carpet to speak with the public about the love they have for this machine.

The movie is a beautiful, methodical, educational documentary about a tool of war that everyone fell in love with. 

It is a must-see for all military history enthusiasts and young students alike, and to be honest, for anyone curious about the era that gave birth to dogfights, and air battles.... so eat that, Maverick.

The Documentary will only be in cinemas for one day. It rolls out across the country on 17 July this year. 

So for the full-size feeling, and the sound of victory, Spitfire will be screening across selected Forces Cinemas in the UK and overseas on Tuesday 17th July. For your local listings visit