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'Tomorrow': A Modern Story About Post-War Life

The British drama looks at the struggles faced by serving personnel upon returning home from war.

Clip from Tomorrow film 240919 CREDIT Stronghold.jpg

'Tomorrow' will be released in the UK on 27 September 2019 (Picture: Stronghold).

The film 'Tomorrow' is a British drama that deals with the struggles faced by soldiers returning home from war.

The main plot follows the life of a young man who comes back from the war in Afghanistan a paraplegic and struggles to re-integrate into society until he meets a group of friends and sees the light.

Stuart Brennan, who wrote, produced and acted in the film, said him and the crew went to meet veterans who suffered from PTSD and injuries in preparation for the film.

"We spoke to them about what we were trying to do, achieve and portray, and they gave us great insight into how to make this relate to audiences and not just be a fun, dramatised movie," he told Forces News.

"It is a sincere movie with a real heart, because it has come from real people."

He said the aim was to portray what life is like for so many people who serve in the forces.

"Sometimes [life] is lonely, sometimes it is hard," Mr Brennan explained before adding how important is to find "support in the community".

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Both main characters in the film, Tesla (Sebastian Street) and Sky (Stuart Brennan) share a narrative despite their different backgrounds.

"The subtext is the same," said Sebastian Street, who wrote, produced and acted in 'Tomorrow'.

"It is one of loneliness, isolation and a fear of being judged lesser by fellow men and not wanting to reach out to your friends.

"The message is to have the courage and understand that you are not alone."

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Sebastian Street wrote, produced and acted in 'Tomorrow'.

Speaking of the film she directed, Martha Pinson told Forces News she sees 'Tomorrow' as a "coming of age story".

The two characters, both in their mid-to-late twenties, "have to finally forge their lives" and "move on from injuries and trauma", said Ms Pinson.

Major Glen Lisham from the Royal Engineers grew up watching films that portrayed the Second World War and the Vietnam War. 

He hopes films that portray what happened in places like Iraq and Afghanistan will help people "understand what did go on" and how the lives of serving personnel changed.

The film will be released in the UK on 27 September 2019.