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Time At RAF Leuchars Inspires Veteran To Write Children's Book

The book, 'Queenie', will help raise money for youngsters living with cancer.

Brian with book Queenie 101219 CREDIT BFBS.jpg

A former RAF weapons engineer has published his first book to help raise money for charity.

Veteran Brian Taylor has taken inspiration from his time based at RAF Leuchars to write a children's book aimed at raising funds for youngsters living with cancer.

'Queenie' follows the adventure of a showjumping horse and a gang of children helping her win a competition.

The main characters are based on his own children.

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The book is helping raise money for youngsters living with cancer.

"You read books to your kids and sometimes you can't be bothered with a book you've read 15 times over, so I made the story up," said Brian.

"I began to make the story up in my head and they didn't fall asleep... that's where it started," he added.

"I thought, why don't I put it on paper, maybe write it down?"

Brian spent 22 years in the RAF as an aircraft weapons technician.

During his time at Leuchars he got heavily involved in charity fundraising.

Proceeds of the book are going towards local cause Toby’s Magical Journey, which helps children and young people with cancer.

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The main characters in the book are based on Brian's children.

"Toby Etheridge... was diagnosed when he was 9, back in 2009. He had leukaemia and over a year he went through all the treatment you can imagine until last year he became cancer-free," said Brian.

Now, Brian is busy working on his follow up story, hoping that the sequel to 'Queenie' will raise more money.

The sequel of the book would raise funds for another cause close to his heart - Erskine, supporting Armed Forces veterans in Scotland.

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Brian is now working on his second children's book.

"When you switch on the telly, every other day, you see veterans homeless on the street and it's absolutely appalling," said Brian.

"If I could make a small difference by giving some money to a charity like Erskine and get even one veteran off the street, then that's made me more than happy."

Brian never thought the stories he told his children would ever become a book, but he is thrilled by the reaction to the tale of 'Queenie' and the money raised for the cause.