It's one of the world's finest military training centres and for a few days, troops from 2nd Battalion The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment got to taste its unique features. 

The King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Centre (KASOTC) is located on a nondescript highway just outside Amman.

Drive past at speed and you could almost miss it, but behind its gates lies a huge $250million facility cut into what looks like an abandoned quarry.

The sheer scale and ambition of the place is hugely impressive. 

The KASOTC was designed as a centre where Special Operations teams from around the world could come to learn and practice a wide variety of skills.

2PWRR Exercise Olive Grove Jordan

There are three-storey buildings CQB or Close Quarters Battle buildings (known to soldiers as 'killing houses') where troops can practice urban assaults; mock villages; petrol stations that burst into flames; and perhaps the centrepiece: a full-size Airbus A300 passenger plane.

King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Centre

Inside, occupying the seats, are dummies - some fitted with mechanisms that mean they can rise up as if they're about to use a weapon.

The plane is often used to train Air Marshals and eerily it is filled with smoke and the piercing screams of a female passenger.

Everything is recorded on CCTV to be analysed later by the instructors. 

As infanteers 2PWRR don't generally raid planes, so this was a rare opportunity and something very different. 

Armed with their Sig Sauer pistols and 'simunition' (essentially small paintballs) A Company each got a chance to storm the plane, moving down the aisle shooting the ten 'terrorists' as they pop up. 

"It's definitely not the sort of work an infantry battalion would be conducting," Lt George Bignold, OC of 2 Platoon told me.

"But it's a great chance for the guys to practice their pistol drills, particularly as some of them haven't had a chance to use the SIG Sauer."