Thousands Honour WWI Troops At Diwali Festival

Thousands of people have gathered in central London to celebrate the Hindu festival of Diwali.

This year, Mayor Sadiq Khan was in Trafalgar Square to honour Indian soldiers who died in the First World War.

The event represents the victory of good over evil, light over darkness and friendship over enmity.

To mark the day and in line with Remembrance - members of the Royal British Legion were on hand to give out Khadi poppies made of the Indian cloth.

Catherine Davies, Head of Remembrance at the Royal British Legion, told Forces News: "It's been very emotive and very powerful, but very symbolic and very important.

"All who served sacrificed, and changed our world."

Khadi poppies

Warrant Officer Ashok Chauhan, Army Civil Engagement Team, said: "It's very, very important to remember those people who sacrificed their lives for us, so that we could have a better life.

"Without them, we wouldn't be having this wonderful and exciting life."

Air Trooper Vivek Sagani, 4 Regiment, Army Air Corps, added: "You hear some great stories of amazing soldiers that carried out their work and giving their life on duty.

"It's all so important because if we don't remember what they've done then we forget our history."

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, highlighted the importance of remembering all those who fought in the war: "[It's important to] celebrate all those who contributed to that war ending and us ultimately winning the war. We should understand and cherish our history.

"But also it's a chance for all of us to say thank you to all those who fought in that war, and whose fighting meant that we have the freedoms that we enjoy today. 

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