Thirteen Countries Compete For Prestigious Sandhurst Accolade

West Point Military Academy in the USA hosted the Sandhurst Military Skills Competition.

Thirteen countries have competed in the prestigious Sandhurst Military Skills Competition 2019.

Designed for officer cadets, it takes place at the West Point Military Academy in the USA.

A total of 49 teams represented 13 international military academies, 16 reserve officers training corps and four US service academies.

The competition dates back to 1967, when the UK’s Royal Military Academy Sandhurst presented West Point with a British Officer's sword to use as the prize for a competition to promote military excellence.

The competition includes a mix of physical and mental agility challenges (Picture: US Department of Defense).

It has been in its present form since 1975.

Taking part this year were teams from Japan, Canada, the UK, Australia, Chile, Mexico, Denmark, Greece, Columbia, Thailand, Brazil, South Korea and Germany – along with US Cadets and university cadet groups.

The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst always sends two teams and has won the competition multiple times.

There is a real mix of physical and mental agility challenges, from the brute force of carrying large weights to the more complex problem of dealing with casualties.

Organisers say the competition teaches cadets mental and physical toughness, the relentlessness and the discipline that is necessary to work as a team and accomplish the mission.

Organisers say the competition teaches cadets mental and physical toughness (Picture: US Department of Defense).

There is also a conference with the aim of sharing and building intellectual thought around current military topics, which is at the heart of the event.

It is an opportunity to meet cadet contemporaries from friendly nations around the world.

The US won this year's competition.

The United States Military Academy 'Black' team came first – with the UK 'Blue' in 6th and 'Red' in 13th.