They didn't tell me this...

Things Nobody Ever Tells You About Moving Away With The Forces

If you've ever been sent away from home with the forces then you know...

They didn't tell me this...


1. On important dates, like holidays, you’ll have moments where you miss everything and everyone you left behind.

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2. And you remember that your best friends are very far away... 

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3. ... But you will meet new best friends, who will become more like family.

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4. You’ll find yourself constantly comparing the country you’re in with where you come from.



5. You go home to your ‘civi friends’ and they have no idea what you are talking about.



6. You will visit places you’ve never heard of...


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7. ... And live in more countries than any of your friends.



8. When you hear explosions or low flying aircraft in the middle of the night, it doesn’t even phase you.


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9. No matter how many plan a, plan b, and plan c’s you make, it wont be enough.



10. You now own a wardrobe that will cover you in 40 degree heat and -40 degree cold.


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11. You will say goodbye, over and over...


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12. ... But the Forces World is so small, you get to say hello all over again!


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