'They Were The Enemy': Soldier On Working Alongside Taliban During Kabul Evacuations

Warrant Officer Ross Willis of 2 YORKS told Forces News about his experience in the Afghan capital, saying he is proud of his soldiers.

A British soldier who has served in every major operation in Afghanistan in the last 20 years has spoken of his experience with young British soldiers and the Taliban during the Kabul evacuations.

US and NATO forces withdrew from Afghanistan last month, following efforts to bring eligible people out of the capital.

However, the Taliban forces controlled entry to Kabul's airport and played a facilitating role in the mission.

Warrant Officer Class 2 Ross Willis, Alma Company Sergeant Major, 2nd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment (2 YORKS), said:

"I think it was harder for me to get my head around that than it was for a young section commander, a young platoon commander, a young soldier – who were the bulk of the company."

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