Team Rubicon Wants Veterans To Join Coronavirus Relief Efforts

Their aim is to mobilise potentially thousands of former military personnel and help with the COVID-19 pandemic.

International disaster response organisation Team Rubicon is calling on military veterans to volunteer in the fight against coronavirus.

The organisation is working with the Government to potentially mobilise thousands of fomer serving personnel.

The aim is for veterans to support the COVID-19 relief efforts.

Team Rubicon CEO, former Royal Marine Richard Sharp says they are looking for veterans under 65 to express their interest in helping through an online form.

Eligible volunteers will "then be tasked into your community around the UK", he said.

From their headquarters at the former RAF Chilmark, the staff of Team Rubicon have already been working hard in the fight against the virus.

Team Rubicon COVID response board 300320 CREDIT BFBS.jpg

Veterans who decide to join Team Rubicon during the pandemic will be coordinated from the headquarters.

On the ground, regional representatives will help give the team a picture of where help is needed and how urgently.

Team Rubicon frequently deal with international disasters, but now their focus is very much on home. 

As each day goes by, Team Rubicon say the needs of communities will increase.

Last year, Team Rubicon operated in the wake of Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas.

The organisation is skilled at getting people and resources to where they are most needed in a time of crisis.