Team Rubicon Steps In Following Lombok Earthquake Disaster

Team Rubicon UK uses skills forged in the forces to bring aid to disaster zones around the world.

The aftermath of an earthquake in Lombok, Indonesia. (Picture: Muawiyah Banawer/Twitter)

A team of former British military personnel are flying out to help victims of the Lombok Island earthquake.

Team Rubicon UK uses skills forged in the forces to bring aid to disaster zones around the world.

The earthquakes claimed around 400 lives and left over 350,000 people displaced, fleeing to camps for refuge.

Lombok has been hit by 698 aftershocks since the magnitude 7 earthquake on August 5th.

Now a group of ex-military personnel have sent an emergency response relief team to help on the Indonesian island.

Paul Taylor, the Operations Response Manager, told us about the island's key needs: 

“What they need at the moment is shelter, water and sanitation. What they also need is connectivity. We can provide all of those”.

Team Rubicon PKG 160818
They're hoping to take this water purifier to Lombok.

Two members of the team are already out there and provide updates to the team each day, and one of the main concerns is the lack of drinking water available in the camps.

The team are hoping to take a water purifier capable of producing up to 600 litres of clean water per hour to Lombok in the next coming days.

Dr Bob Challis is one of the veteran’s heading out there:

“Team Rubicon currently have a reconnaissance team out in Lombok.

"Myself and one other guy will be going out to support that reconnaissance, so we’ll be able to double that team in size.

“The kit that we’re packing is things like extra rations, for us and the people already out there, tents, some additional water purification stuff and some solar panels for power.

“This is to sustain us; we don’t want to add to the burden of the environment. This is about being self-sustainable, so we don’t impact upon anyone else.”

The team aren’t sure how long their help will be needed, but with no sign of the number of displaced people lowering it may well be a long time.

Team Rubicon PKG 160818
A refugee camp has been set up in the Indonesian island. (Picture: Team Rubicon)