Taiwan air force's Tiger Band releases music video for new hit single

The Tiger Band, the Taiwan air force's musicians, has released a music video for its biggest hit Fly into the Sky.

Taiwanese personnel are on the frontlines against China's incursions into the skies near the democratically governed island, but their musicians aim to boost morale in downtime.

The band is made up of fighter pilots, ground crews and other members of the island's military at Chihhang air base, who sing soft rock ballads with a Taiwanese flavour.

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The band name comes from the American-made F-5 Tiger fighter aircraft that began military life in the 1970s but is now used for training purposes.

The hit song Fly into the Sky has had almost 14,500 views on YouTube, and many have commented in support of the island's armed forces.

Taiwan has been self-governing since nationalist forces fled there in 1949 after the communists took control of China.

It is considered to be a rebel province by China, which claims the island as its territory and opposes any engagement by Taiwanese officials with foreign governments.

China views Taiwan as a province it will win back, while the US sees it as independent.

Beijing has been increasing both diplomatic and military pressure in recent years.

It cut off all contact with Taiwan's government in 2016 after President Tsai Ing-wen refused to endorse its claim that the island and mainland together make up a single Chinese nation, with Communist Beijing the sole legitimate government.

China sees official American contact with Taiwan as encouragement to make the island's decades-old de facto independence permanent, a step US leaders say they do not support.