Syrian Army artillery (11/11/17) Deir al-Zour PA Images

Syrian Troops Resume Offensive On Rebel Stronghold In Idlib

Insurgents in the Idlib province are violating a recent truce, according to the Syrian Army.

Syrian Army artillery (11/11/17) Deir al-Zour PA Images

An archive image of Syrian artillery fire (Picture: PA).

The Syrian Army has said it will resume its offensive in the north-western province of Idlib, the last opposition-held stronghold.

The announcement comes as Syrian military officials accused insurgents in the region of violating a recent truce.

Opposition activists reported airstrikes had resumed in the southern parts of the province, which is located on the Turkish border.

Meanwhile, Turkish and American military officials began talks over establishing a safe zone in north-eastern Syria to address Ankara's concerns about US-allied Syrian Kurdish-led forces in that region.

According to state media, the Syrian military said in a statement that insurgents in Idlib had continued to break the ceasefire which came into effect on 1 August.

State media and opposition activists had reported repeated violations of the truce by both sides since then.

The Syrian military statement said the rebels also failed to abide by an agreement reached last year to withdraw from a demilitarised zone surrounding Idlib. 

The assault on the rebel stronghold began on 30 April, displacing more than 400,000 people and killing hundreds.

Around 3 million people are living inside the rebel-held area.