Field of poppies in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Goldberg, Germany 170619 CREDIT DPA, PA

Online Support For Girl 'Mocked' For Wearing Cadet Uniform To School On Armistice Day

Those who tweeted messages of support included the Royal Air Force and politicians.

Field of poppies in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Goldberg, Germany 170619 CREDIT DPA, PA

A girl "mocked" for wearing her air cadet uniform to school on Armistice Day has received numerous messages of support from the military community.

On Twitter, Ally Gordon said her daughter was "mocked for the amusement of others all because she wore her uniform at school".

Since posting the message online, she has received numerous messages of support – including tweets from the First Sea Lord, politicians and the Royal Air Force.

Johnny Mercer replied on Twitter, saying: "I was an air cadet. DM me her details and when Parliament reopens come down for lunch and PMQ’s in the gallery?"

The First Sea Lord, Admiral Tony Radakin, also posted a response. He said: "From cadet to veteran, whether @RoyalAirForce, @BritishArmy or @RoyalNavy, we all stand shoulder to shoulder with you. Thank you for your service, and your pride in wearing the uniform."

James Heappey MP, Minister for the Armed Forces, replied to the tweet, saying: "I’m very sorry your daughter was mocked for wearing her cadet uniform to school.

"She should be as proud to wear it as we are proud of her and all the other young people enjoying the great experience our cadet forces offer."

The Royal Air Force also tweeted a message of support, which said: "Nobody should ever be mocked for having pride in something they do.

"Thank you Taeghan from the Royal Air Force for doing your bit for Remembrance Day.

"We want you to know we are very proud of you, and all your fellow @aircadets."

The RAF Benevolent Fund also tweeted a message of support, offering to introduce Ms Gordon and her daughter to Kirsty Murphy, the first and only female Red Arrows pilot to date, according to the charity.

Glenn Haughton, the Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chiefs of Staff Committee, also tweeted in response.

"[It] takes a special person to wear the uniform of the nation," he said.

"The entire military community stands with you in solidarity.

"I look forward to all your subsequent posts....wearing your uniform.

"We are proud of you and your Cadet service."

In response to the support, Ms Gordon said on Twitter both her and her daughter were "overwhelmed by the response".

"Your love & support for my daughter has reminded her just why she wears this uniform with pride!" she tweeted.

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