Suffolk Cadets Get a Taste Of Military Life In Germany

Many of the cadets would like to sign up once they come of age, so the camp is a look at life for these future servicemen and women.

Suffolk Army Cadet Force are out in force in Sennelager, Germany.

More than 230 cadets from Suffolk Army Cadet Force have had an insight into Army life by taking part in a summer camp in Sennelager, Germany.

Isaac, one of the cadets, told Forces News why he decided to join the cadets:

“I decided to join the cadets because I wanted to do something, rather than just sit in my front room and watch TV. And I wanted to learn new skills that would stay with me for life.

“Also, I would like to join the Army… I’d like to be a Royal Engineer. I’ve always enjoyed engineering and building stuff when I’m at home and at school, so I guess that’s what’s made me want to do it.

“I’ve had to carry all my webbing which has got my water bottle and my mess tins in, and my Bergen with my sleeping bags, spare kit… and the weapon itself so it’s quite heavy.”  

Suffolk Army Cadets Camp 2018
They may be younger and smaller than your average soldier, but they still have to carry a lot of kit.

Many of the cadets would like to sign up once they come of age, so the camp is a look at life for these future servicemen and women.

Another cadet, Kiah, said: “I want to go in the Army when I’m older as a combat medical tech.

"I thought [joining the cadets] is going to give me a little bit of an insight into how the Army is, so I just joined, and I’ve worked up through the star levels, I’m now 2 star training which is really cool.

“This has made me a lot more confident speaking to people as well, and making new friends.”

Suffolk Army Cadets Summer Camp 2018 2
Aged from 12 to 18, the cadets have been living in the field, learning how to build shelters, apply cam cream and taking part in adventurous training.

As well as learning basic soldiering skills and learning about Army life, the focus is on something even more important, as highlighted by Major James Preston:

“Fun. That’s the most important thing. It’s an adventure.

"It pulls them together. It develops their skills, it inspires them.

"Our motto is ‘inspire to achieve’, and here you see it in the cadets; their excitement… When they come together, and they’re all learning from each other, they develop their own skill base, and their leadership skills. And that really takes them forward in life.”    

Suffolk Army Cadets Summer Camp 2018 3
And what better way to finish the weeks camp than with a fun summer sports day, making the most of the sunshine.

“It’s a bit more fun than sports day,” said Jack, one of the cadets.

“There’s no hundred-metre sprint in this heat, it’s more kind of like penalty shoot-outs… a lot of water activities… sponges, 3-legged race, that sort of stuff.

"It’s just a bit of fun for the really senior cadets to mix with the really junior cadets and get to know each other.”