'Stunning' Collection Of WWI Pilot's Belongings To Go To Auction

A World War One fighter pilot's belongings are expected to fetch thousands at auction later this month.

A rare collection of items belonging to a World War One pilot is expected to fetch thousands of pounds at auction.

The collection, which was discovered in Leicestershire and handed into a Derby auctioneers, gives an insight into being a frontline pilot in the Great War.

The items belonged to World War One pilot Lieutenant Stuart Leslie and remain in good condition, despite being more than 100 years old and having being stored in a barn.

Lt Leslie was part of the Royal Flying Corps, which later became part of the Royal Air Force.

His flying logbook details several crashes, contact had with the enemy, and one entry even recalls how "the undercarriage was riddled with machine-gun bullets".

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The collection includes a logbook, rolls of gun camera photographs and aerial maps.

The collection also contains rolls of gun camera photographs and aerial maps that would have been used in the cockpit of an aircraft.

"It’s just stunning the sheer amount of items all pertaining to one man," said Adrian Stevenson, head of Hansons auctioneers’ medals and militaria department.

"Everything is named even the maps are named to him, all his training documents all his wings, etc. It’s fantastic it’s such a neat route to one person."

The items are set to go to auction on 20 March, with Mr Stevenson expecting them to sell for "at least £2,000".