Stolen Silent Soldier Statue Replaced In Nottinghamshire Village

The new monument has been donated by a veteran from a local company.

A new monument has been donated to replace the statue of a silent soldier stolen from a Nottinghamshire village.

The previous memorial was taken soon after Armistice Day, on the night of 13 November.

The silent soldier statue stood in an area of Kings Clipstone known to residents as ‘the rat hole’.

People in the village were said to be devastated by its removal and local councillor Cate Hunt was inundated with messages from companies offering to provide a replacement.

Councillor Hunt said: “There was a light on it, a spotlight, and there were no switches on that spotlight. So they could do it in darkness they actually buried the spotlight in the soil. They must have come prepared. The silent soldier was set in concrete and it was just sawn off.

“I can’t tell anyone how devastated the community of the village was, that some thoughtless, insensitive people could do such an act [to] something so precious as commemorating those men that gave their lives.”

Veteran Stephan Drew, from local company Shawtrack, contacted councillor Hunt and donated the new monument.

“I thought it was heartbreaking that somebody could do such a thing so I contacted Cate via social media via our Facebook, see if we could do anything to help her and make another one for her”, he told Forces News.

The previous silent soldier statue, which was stolen on 13 November (Picture: Kings Clipstone Parish Council).

“We got the designs, we got it drawn, we got it cut and we got it all back together for the community. This year, with Remembrance being a bit wiped out with COVID, nice to put something back in,” he added.

Authorities are looking at installing CCTV before putting up the new monument.

Over the next year, there will be three silent soldier statues in the village, as the community continues to remember those who fought in the First and Second world wars.