STEM Roadshow: Promoting A Career In The Military

BAE Systems, the Royal Navy and the RAF attended a London school to convince pupils that science, technology, engineering and maths are subjects worth pursuing a career in.

The interactive workshop aimed at children aged 10 to 13 who are making choices on their GCSE’s.

One school visited this month was St Marylebone CE School in London but the ‘STEM roadshow’, as it’s known, is travelling around the country for 32 weeks.

This year the roadshow will reach over 420 schools and more than 100,000 students.

Lieutenant Alice Brindley, Royal Navy Weapons Engineer said: "I think it’s important to show the girls what opportunities there are within the Navy."

"The Royal Navy’s developing a lot of modern technology around the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier, the Lightning F35B.

"It’s important to demonstrate to the school girls that may not have considered those career choices, what career choices are out there."

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