For sale: WWII Spitfire, good, used condition, starred in 60s films – £4.5m

The 79-year-old Spitfire Mark IX, MH415, flew with multiple RAF squadrons.

A Spitfire warplane that went on to star in films such as 'The Longest Day' and 1969's 'The Battle of Britain' is up for sale – with a price tag of £4.5m.

The refurbished Mark IX MH415 aircraft is 95% complete, with original parts, following an illustrious RAF career in the Second World War.

Built in 1943, it immediately went on to down a German FW-190 over France, while escorting 12 Mitchell bombers on a mission.

The aircraft was refurbished in 2015, following a proven Second World War combat history (Picture: Claire Hartley).

The Spitfire flew with several RAF Squadrons, including 129 and 222, before eventually entering its civil career.

It went on to star in 'The Longest Day' in 1962 and then in the famous 1969 film 'The Battle of Britain'.

Restoration began in 2015, although the aircraft has been kept safe for sale through The Aircraft Sales Co.