Frank England, who was gifted with a First World War memorabilia box (Picture: Anchor Hanover Group).

RBL's Albert Hall poppies gift sparks veteran's war memories

Frank England, who served in the Second World War, said the memorabilia box, given to care home, was "so special".

Frank England, who was gifted with a First World War memorabilia box (Picture: Anchor Hanover Group).

A box of First World War memorabilia, donated to a care home, has sparked memories for a veteran living there.

Frank England, 97, a resident of the Manor House care home, received the memorabilia box from the Royal British Legion in Harrogate.

Stephanie Foulds, manager of the Harrogate care home, said it is "truly amazing to hear Frank's stories".

"The memorabilia box has sparked lots of memories for him," she said.

"He's an inspiration to the other residents and colleagues at Anchor's Manor House care home and we are so lucky to have him living with us!"

Included in the box were poppy petals from the Royal Albert Hall, which were showered down during remembrance services, and a copy of the Legion Standard which was published 100 years after the Battle of the Somme.

Mr England said the box was "so special and filled with items that give a new perspective on the Great War".

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"It was interesting to know that many battles took place in such a small area," he said.

Mr England served in Normandy during the Second World War and received the Legion d'Honneur in recognition of his involvement in the liberation of France.

During the war, he served in Europe with the 39th Canadian Air Force reconnaissance wing, responsible for decoding situation reports and receiving Met Office reports about weather changes, which he passed on for flying decisions to be made.

He says his favourite memories of the war were coming across school friends in far-flung places.

Mr England started his working life as a local government officer in welfare services but, a few years after returning from the military, moved into local industry.