RFA Fort Rosalie

Special Delivery: RFA Carries Vital Supplies To US Aircraft Carrier

RFA Fort Rosalie

RFA Fort Rosalie has delivered vital supplies to the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt in the Arabian Gulf.

US Navy Seahawks helicopters, flown by Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 6, conducted the high-tempo Replenishment At Sea (RAS).

Fort Rosalie transferred 96 pallets of stores to the Roosevelt, known as the Big Stick, as part of her tasking with the aircraft carrier's strike group.

MH-60S Sea Hawks deliver supplies to USS Theodore Roosevelt
MH-60S Sea Hawks deliver supplies to USS Theodore Roosevelt. (Picture: US Navy).

During her time with the US 5th Fleet, Fort Rosalie transferred 254 pallets of stores, weighing 87,500kg, which equates to 11 double-decker buses.

The RAS with the Roosevelt was followed by the delivery of 26 loads to the US guided missile cruiser Bunker Hill.

RFA Fort Rosalie
Aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt transits alongside RFA Fort Rosalie (Picture: US Navy).

Fort Rosalie's XO, Chief Officer Dougie Cook, said:

"Team Fort Rosalie really stepped up during this period to deliver quantities of cargo at an impressive pace."

"[This was] achieved by a dedicated ship's company enthused by the opportunity to work within a task group again."

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"As this tasking ends thoughts now turn to our future role working alongside HMS Queen Elizabeth, delivering the solid support to keep her operational at sea."

During her time with the US carrier strike group, RFA Fort Rosalie was working for the United Kingdom Maritime Component Commander (UKMCC), based in Bahrain, which is responsible for RN vessels deployed in the Middle East.

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Cover image: An MH-60S Sea Hawk helicopter collects supplies from RFA Fort Rosalie in the Gulf (Picture: US Navy).

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