Sovereign's Parade: Officer Cadets Pass Out During Lockdown

Royal Military Academy Sandhurst saw 213 cadets commissioned under social distancing restrictions.

The Sovereign's Parade has taken place at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, where officer cadets have commissioned as officers in the British Army in unique circumstances.

The group of 213 were only able to invite two guests as part of wider adaptations to normal proceedings.

COVID-19 has seen several military events restricted and many others postponed or cancelled.

However, officer cadets from Commissioning Course 193 went ahead with the ceremony, after a tough year's training.

The cohort marched on and performed their drill movements in open order, maintaining distance from one another.

In unique circumstances, only two divisions paraded rather than the usual three.

The coronavirus lockdown saw the junior division start their course later on this year, meaning they were unable to partake in front of Old College.

UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace represented Her Majesty, The Queen at the ceremony (Picture: MOD).

The Guest of Honour and the parade’s Inspecting Officer was UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace, representing Her Majesty, The Queen.

Following his duties as the Inspecting Officer, Mr Wallace laid a wreath in Chapel Square in tribute to the 75th anniversary of VJ Day, before touring the Indian Army Memorial Room.

Those who were able to parade will have to wait until midnight before officially commissioning.

Among the 213 are 37 international cadets from 24 countries, including Paraguay, Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan.

Cover image: Officer Cadets pass out at the Sovereign's Parade (Picture: MOD).