This year's Sovereign's Parade at Royal Royal Military Academy Sandhurst marks a hard year of training for nearly 260 cadets.

238 cadets from the UK and 28 officer cadets from 19 overseas countries walked onto the parade square, as friends and family watched on.

"If I'm perfectly honest, when I first looked at joining the army, I never thought I'd even get to Sandhurst"

To mark the cadets' official entry into the Army, General Sir Nick Carter was in attendance, representing Her Majesty the Queen. 

General Sir Nick Carter said in a speech to the cadets:

"40 years ago last Friday, I, like you, stood at the threshold of a new and strange career.

"I would say at once that if I could exchange my rank, my pay and what material possessions I have, for your inexperience, your youth and above all, your future, I would quickly exchange places with any one of you on this parade today," said General Sir Nick Carter.

General Sir Nick Carter delivers a speech.
General Sir Nick Carter delivers a speech.

One new officer cadet, Alexander, spoke to Forces News:

"If I'm perfectly honest, when I first looked at joining the army, I never thought I'd even get to Sandhurst.

"So to get here and to get to this day is great".

Charlotte, another new officer cadet, said: 

"It has been good. There's been ups and downs but there are aspects of it that are horrible but then quite good in retrospective.

"And then obviously some quite good points as well and I've made some really good friends here which is great."

Charlotte's father, Paul, said he was proud of Charlotte and the whole group. 

"I'm just very proud of what Charlotte's done along with everyone else in the course, it's a really tough year, they've worked super hard to get here".

Officer cadets at Sandurst.

Mohamed Saif, Officer Cadet from United Arab Emirates, is one of the 28 cadets from overseas who will return to his country's army as a newly commissioned officer. He said: 

"I'm flying over the skies, it's been a very, very good day. 

"I'm already commissioned, so (I'll) go back to my country tomorrow," he explained.

Sticking to tradition, the parade concluded with the officer cadets marching off the parade square with the adjutant following them on horse back up the steps, through the grand entrance to military academy for the final time.