South Yorkshire Floods: Soldiers Placed Back On Standby

Troops worked through the night on Thursday as part of the relief effort.

Soldiers helping with the floods in South Yorkshire have been placed back on standby.

British military personnel have been helping with the relief efforts in the area since the weekend.

A number of British soldiers from the Light Dragoons worked through the night on Thursday to bolster flood defences to homes in an and around the Fishlake area of Doncaster.

Pete Fox, from the Environment Agency, told Forces News: "[The soldiers] just been fantastic.

"The whole sort of support network we've been putting around the community here has been great.

"They offer that reassurance to the public that this is important to us as a country, as well as to them as a community."

Watch: Military has been 'fantastic' in flood response.

There are 118 flood warnings in place covering much of England and parts of Wales following heavy rainfall on Thursday night.

While Mr Fox said it is unlikely to flood in Fishlake on Friday, he admitted: "We're not out of the woods, there's still a flood risk."

He called on people to "stay vigilant" and said the rain overnight "pushed the level of the River Don up a little bit".

Soldiers from the Light Dragoons, based at Catterick Garrison in North Yorkshire, have been deployed to the flood-hit area since Wednesday.

They have been tasked with laying down sandbags, shoring up a bridge, as well as installing flood barriers around an electrical substation that provides power to more than 9,000 homes in Doncaster.

Ken Hayes, a Fishlake resident, said the involvement of the military was "reassuring".

More than 800 properties across parts of England have been affected by flooding so far.