17ft model aircraft carrier stuck in barn 110119 CREDIT Ashworth Barracks

SOS: Can You Help This Aircraft Carrier Stranded In A Barn?

How would you move a 17ft model aircraft carrier from a shed into a museum?

17ft model aircraft carrier stuck in barn 110119 CREDIT Ashworth Barracks

The Ashworth Barracks Museum in Doncaster received a very generous donation almost nine months ago (Picture: Ashworth Barracks Museum).

Upon seeing the 17ft (5.2m) model aircraft carrier, Gary Stapleton, CEO of the trust that owns the Ashworth Barracks Museum, thought it was impressive, but he was also concerned about its size:

"We were all gobsmacked. It is so detailed and it is scratch-built."

HMS Implacable, a fleet aircraft carrier, CREDIT Crown Copyright
The model is based on HMS Implacable, a carrier built for the Royal Navy and used during the Second World War (Picture: Crown Copyright).

The journey of the model carrier has just begun. 

From a shed in Barnby Dun, it will need to travel eight miles north to Balby, where the military museum is located.

The large yet fragile model was donated to the museum by the family of David Hill.

Mr Hill, a Doncaster local, worked on it for the last three years of his life. Upon passing, his family decided to sell his property, but could not get to destroy or throw away the reconstruction of the aircraft carrier.

With an estimated weight of 50 to 70 kg and its remarkable length, the model remained in the shed for months.

"We've been looking for a way to move it for the past eight, nine months but we always failed to figure out how.

"That's why we decided to take it to social media."

On this occasion, social media seem to have delivered an answer to the dilemma, for a local transport firm got in touch with the museum and offered their help.

"They said they'd love to help and support a local charity," said Mr Stapleton. "We are meeting them next week to work out the details," he continued.

Ashworth Barracks is owned by the Victoria Cross Trust. They are currently busy building their collection and organising the museum infrastructure and display areas.