Soldiers Tie Knot During Cyprus Operational Tour

Royal Lancers Sergeant Liana and Sergeant Robert France met online and said their vows in the middle of a UN peacekeeping tour.

Two British soldiers have got married in Cyprus during an operational tour.

Sergeant Liana and Sergeant Robert France, of the Royal Lancers, met online, and said their vows in the middle of a United Nations peacekeeping tour.

Two months ago, the couple tied the knot in Nicosia with a full military guard of honour.

On Operation Tosca, Robert is a platoon sergeant, while Liana is the Lancer’s Regimental nurse.

"We met a little over three years ago within the Catterick area," says Robert.

"I had just came across as part of the amalgamation with the 9th/12th Royal Lancers and the QRL (Queen's Royal Lancers).

"We spoke for a little bit before we eventually managed to meet up.

"When we felt that we had that connection between us and we wanted to progress then we went on a date."

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The couple only starting planning their wedding in April, with all the elements organised locally.

"The dress was a little bit tricky...unfortunately it arrived, it didn't fit in all the right places," says Liana.

"I was really fortunate - there was a local shop in Nicosia, I just emailed them, said: 'I get married in six weeks, I don't have a dress, I don't know what to do' and they were brilliant."

Military protocol dictates that for the remainder of the six-month tour the newly-weds will live and work separately, with there being no married quarters on Op Tosca. Liana says:

"I think married life will start properly back in the UK...we're very much on an operational tour.

"We'll meet on a weekend if we have like a Sunday off for example, go for a coffee.

"We're at work so, to be honest, most of the time, if you saw us at work, wouldn't think we were either married or in a relationship."

Lianna and Robert France