Soldiers Of Swing: Yorkshire Reservists Set Their Sights On TV Talent Show

The duo will be hitting the auditions for the next series of The Voice.

It was just the average night out when a couple of reservists started 'Soldiers of Swing'. 

Now, Corporal Lee Day and Sergeant Vince Fountain are the latest military singing duo to hit the auditions for the next episode of The Voice.

"I have never really been a singer," said Corporal Day. 

Remembering his days in the Army, he explained that on karaoke nights he would often get booed off the stage. With a smile, he added:

"When you have been booed off, there is only way you can go, and that way is up."

Two reservists prepare for The Voice 100619 CREDIT BFBS.jpg
The two reservists are now preparing to audition on The Voice.

After the pair of reservists went down a storm in their squadron bar, Sergeant Fountain convinced Corporal Day he really could sing.

Before they knew it, they had bought £1,000 worth of kit and they had started being booked up for gigs.

"Our first gigs were old people's homes, parties for pensioners," said Sergeant Fountain.

Military attire for The Voice auditions 100619 CREDIT BFBS.jpg
The duo will be performing in military attire on Armed Forces Day.

Now, the duo is now expected to perform at the upcoming Armed Forces Day. 

As full-time reservists, they are normally there to recruit people, but this time they are there to sing.

"It cannot be a bad gig on Forces Day because it is about the Armed Forces," said Corporal Day.

"Everybody is there to show their support, so even if we are terrible, it is going to be a cracking day anyway," he added.

The Soldiers of Swing will have the Forces' community behind them at The Voice auditions too.