Soldiers Learn Key Police Skills Ahead Of Afghanistan Deployment

Members of 2 YORKS have been shadowing police forces in Yorkshire.

Soldiers from 2nd Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment have been shadowing members of the North Yorkshire Police control room team for the first time.

Soldiers visited the control room which receives thousands of 999 calls every month from across the region.

It's hoped the experience might teach the soldiers something new ahead of their deployment to an Afghan control centre later this year where they too will be responding to emergencies.

Captain Andy Lucas, who was behind the idea, said: "I am very conscious that we have a brand new control team out in Kabul.

"We wanted to look at examples of how control can be done better, so we got in touch with the police because they deal with control day-in-day-out with real exposure to life-and-death scenarios, so we thought we could learn a little thing or two from them.

"I was immediately struck by just how calm the environment was, so despite them dealing with multiple 999 calls at once, there was very much an aura of calm which was something I wanted to take away for our team when we deploy."

2 signals regiment prepare scenarios for 2 yorks training 260719 credit bfbs.jpg
2 Signals Regiment prepared the scenarios for the training.

The soldiers were put under pressure during a series of scenarios run by the police training team, to help them learn how to prioritise emergencies.

The calls they picked up were actually coming in from members of 2 Signals Regiment, who were sitting just next door.

Captain James Slight, Battle Captain for the Kabul Control Centre, said: "The incidents we can expect coming in are sort of IED-attacks, VIV-attacks.

"We've got various high profile events happening throughout our time there, including elections and also major cultural events.

"It's certainly expected to make it a lot busier with the unstable nature of the city." 

The soldier's visit to North Yorkshire Police came at a particularly busy time, with calls up more than 10% on last month and 8% on this time last year.