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Soldiers Cycling And Rowing Distance To Lapland For Charity

The soldiers are raising money for a local charity by completing the 3,160km distance from Southport, Merseyside, to Lapland.

Soldiers supporting a mass COVID-19 testing pilot in Liverpool are virtually cycling and rowing more than 3,000km to 'deliver a coronavirus test' to Santa Claus' home in Lapland before he sets off on Christmas Eve.

Up to 20 soldiers from 1st Battalion The Irish Guards are using bike and rowing machines to complete the distance by Wednesday when the England-wide lockdown ends.

Guardsman Sam Lewis told Forces News they are "smashing" the target.

He added: "It gives purpose to what you do in your day, so instead of just getting up and doing a physi you normally do, having that extra bit of motivation to get you to do it, especially after long days, is a lot more, it's self-motivation and for all aspects of the community."

The soldiers, currently based at a holiday park in Southport whilst carrying out the testing, are raising money for local charity, Cash for Kids, that supports children living in poverty in the region. 

Guardsman John Bogg said he does not live too far from the area and said it is "always good" to be able to "give something back to the area where you're from".

The Irish Guards are on target to raise £5,000 and complete the 3,160km distance.