Soldiers Compete To Find The Brigade's Best Shots

The 20th Armoured Infantry Brigade have held their Operational Shooting Competition and training camp. 

The 20th Armoured Infantry Brigade has held its Operational Shooting Competition and training camp. 

Each regiment supplied three teams, with the winning team going forward to represent their regiment at the 3rd UK Division competition. 

In 1874, competition shooting in the British Army started and has since been a hotly contested fight for best shooter and best team.

In Sennelager, soldiers based in the UK and Germany came together to find the best shots.

 Operational Shooting Competition

Warrant Officer 1 Darren Blackett, 20th Armoured Infantry Brigade, said they started off with a week full of training, followed by a week-long competition.

"They've been here for two weeks solid now - running ranges, learning the shoots and making sure they're 100% happy with the weapon systems."

The 'Commander's Cup Fallen Plate Competition' involves the soldiers sprinting to their weapons, where they then have to hold their rifles and shoot at the plate target.

This part of the competition uses a great deal of fitness and a steady hand.

Operational Shooting Competition

The plate is small and 200 metres away from the rifle - which makes it even more challenging for them while they're out of breath.

Rifleman Ethan Vincent, 5 Rifles, says it's not just about winning as they all need to make sure they have a high skillset.

"As much as we're trying to compete against the other regiments, we're trying to make sure that all the teams place high and we overtake our own if we can." 


 Corporal Netra Phagami

The 'Best Individual' was awarded to Corporal Netra Phagami, who joined the Army in 1997.

"In 1998 I started with the army shooting team - I'm proud to have come first place."

After riding up through the rankings throughout the week, 5 Rifles took home the trophy after their B Team won the Fallen Plate Competition.