Soldier Training To Become Army's First Female Farrier

Lance Bombadier Abbie Robinson has now started training as an apprentice farrier with King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery.

A British Army soldier is training to become the service's first female farrier.

Lance Bombadier Abbie Robinson joined the Army six years ago and is now training to shoe horses with King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery. LBdr Robinson explained to Amy Casey on BFBS Radio that working with horses has always been her passion. She said:

"My goals were to join the Army, work with the horses for a little bit ... and then eventually join the forge.

"Obviously when I leave the Army that will be my trade."

The role of those in King's Troop is ceremonial, acting as the saluting battery of Her Majesty's Household, their salutes marking special royal and state ceremonial occasions.

Around half of the unit’s 140 Household Troops are women and they are all based in George VI Lines in Woolwich, with around 100 horses.

Speaking about her training for the new role, Lance Bombadier Robinson said: "I work alongside our fully qualified farriers in King's Troop to recondition and trim the feet of all our horses, and to replace or repair their shoes so that they are in the best possible condition.

"During lockdown, I have had plenty of time to focus on the theoretical parts of my apprenticeship and I am hoping to become the British Army’s first female qualified farrier at the end of my training."

Cover image: Lance Bombadier Abbie Robinson (Picture: MOD).