James Wray and William McKinney who died on Bloody Sunday (Picture: PA).
Northern Ireland

Soldier F: Troubles Murders Case Adjourned

The former paratrooper is facing two murder charges and five attempted murder charges in relation to Bloody Sunday.

James Wray and William McKinney who died on Bloody Sunday (Picture: PA).

Soldier F is accused of killing James Wray (left) and William McKinney (right) (Picture: PA).

The case of a former British Army soldier accused of two murders on Bloody Sunday has been adjourned until December.

The former paratrooper, who is now in his sixties and known as 'Soldier F', also faces five counts of attempted murder.

The first hearing in the soldier's prosecution took place in Londonderry.

Soldier F, who was not in court on Wednesday, was represented at the hearing by Mark Mulholland QC.

Mr Mulholland confirmed he would be challenging the attempt to send the ex-paratrooper to Crown Court trial by calling witnesses at a mixed committal hearing.

The case was adjourned to December 4 to allow defence and prosecution to prepare for the committal proceedings.

Soldier F's identity will continue to be protected under a court order.

Relatives of Bloody Sunday victims gathered together in the Diamond area of the Derry city before walking together towards the courthouse.

Bloody Sunday mural on house in Londonderry
Bloody Sunday mural in Londonderry.

The decision to prosecute the former soldier was announced by the Northern Ireland Public Prosecution Service in March.

Soldier F is accused of murdering James Wray and William McKinney. He also stands accused of the attempted murders of Patrick O'Donnell, Joseph Friel, Joe Mahon and Michael Quinn.

He faces a fifth attempted murder charge of an unknown person.

Bloody Sunday became one of the most notorious incidents of the Northern Ireland Troubles when members of the Parachute Regiment opened fire on a crowd of civil rights demonstrators, killing 13.