'She's Been So Kind': The Woman Helping Veterans In Germany During Lockdown

Pam Flora, who works for the German office of the British Forces Global Support Organisation, buys essential items for elderly veterans.

Acts of kindness have been seen across the world during the COVID-19 pandemic, not least in Germany where many elderly British forces veterans live but have been unable to leave home.

There has been some unexpected help given by a woman who works for the German office of the British Forces Global Support Organisation in Germany.

Pam Flora has been devoting her spare time to supporting veterans unable to leave their homes by buying them essential items.

"Since March, I have connected to a few veterans from our forces and retired and living over in Germany," Pam said.

"I discovered that they were not so able to move around and are a little bit vulnerable through illnesses and I felt that I needed to do something.

"I started to take their shopping lists and their groceries and if they needed anything else because it’s a very challenging time for those people."

Pam Flora in German bakery during COVID CORONAVIRUS pandemic buys goods for veterans 180520 CREDIT BFBS.jpg
Pam Flora has been buying essentials for five housebound elderly veterans during the coronavirus pandemic in Germany.

According to Pam, one former soldier who uses a breathing aid cannot now leave his home.

"COVID brings a fear to older people," Pam said.

"They’ve never had panic attacks before and, suddenly, it’s as if we’re all locked away with our [face] masks and it’s frightening for a lot of people."

One of the people Pam visits is someone who says he is not at all fearful: Mike Meager, who served in the Royal Air Force for more than three decades.

He left the RAF 32 years ago and settled near his old base in Gütersloh.

The 82-year-old has terminal cancer and his wife is in hospital.

RAF Veteran Mike Meager in Germany receives support from Pam Flora during COVID CORONAVIRUS 180520 CREDIT BFBS.jpg
Mike Meager is one of the elderly veterans Pam Flora is helping during the coronavirus pandemic in Germany.

Pam heard about Mike’s situation a few weeks ago in a chance encounter - the RAF veteran had been enquiring about veterans ID cards, which she helps to issue.

"She's been so kind to me and so helpful and it’s blown me away a bit that I never expected out in the little village of Marienfeld here that somebody would come from Sennelager and bring a new light into my life,” Mike said.

"She sends me a lot of emails and WhatsApp [messages] and she talks to me every other day and it makes me respond so it’s helping me keep alert, which is good, and she always asks me 'Is there anything you need that I can bring for you?' and that is wonderful.

"I know she’s a very busy lady and I’m restful here and at peace here, so I don’t need too much, but sometimes it’s a very, very nice help that Pam can just bring me something that I enjoy and that I can’t get any more because, obviously, I’m stuck at home now."

Cover image: A British Forces school in Germany which closed due to coronavirus.