Letter to RAF Odiham

Seven-Year-Old’s Adorable Letter To RAF Station Commander

Letter to RAF Odiham

A seven-year-old's letter to an RAF Station Commander is going viral on Twitter.

Jake Baury wrote to Group Captain Phil Robinson to say thank you for flying over his school.

However, the Chinook mad schoolboy "was so excited" to see the low-flying helicopter that he fell over and ended up in hospital.

He wrote: "I fell over and split my head open and had to go to A&E and my head was glued."

But Jake does not hold a grudge, he thanked the group captain, writing: "I love Chinooks, you made my day".

Group Captain Phil Robinson, Station Commander at RAF Odiham replied: "so sorry to hear that you fell over and split your head open – I really hope it is getting better and that it did not hurt too much."

The station commander then invited Jake to RAF Odiham for a tour around one of their Chinooks.

Gp Capt Robinson wrote: "I think your drawing of a Chinook is fantastic!

"P.S. Your letter made my day."

Letter to RAF Odiham Station Commander

RAF Odiham is a front line support helicopter base located in Hampshire.

It is the home of the UK Chinook Force and operates three Chinook squadrons and one Army Air Corps (AAC) Lynx squadron.

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