RAF Paramotorists 100419 CREDIT RAF

RAF Paramotor Pilots Complete 263-Mile Flight For Charity

An RAF officer and his friend have completed a challenge of flying over 40 current or former RAF airfields.

RAF Paramotorists 100419 CREDIT RAF

Paramotorist Flight Lieutenant Giles Fowler, aircrew Andy Greves and Katie Pagett and Paramotorist Paul Mockford took part in the challenge (Picture: RAF Association).

A record-breaking RAF officer and his friend have completed a 263-mile flight on paramotors over more than 40 former and current RAF bases as part of a charity fundraiser.

The challenge, #RAFA40, has so far raised more than £2,100 for the Royal Air Forces Association - exceeding their previous target of £1,000.

"I wanted to attempt a challenge and raise money for something that’s close to my heart," said Flight Lieutenant Giles Fowler, the UK’s highest flying paramotor pilot.

The challenge was completed during a two-day trip split over six legs, starting from the former Bomber Command airfield at RAF Goxhill in Lincolnshire and finishing at RAF Halton in Buckinghamshire.

The route took them over Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, and Buckinghamshire.

Paramotoring is similar to paragliding, but pilots wear a small engine and a propeller on their back, and are able to take off from flat fields instead of having to launch from hills and summits.

Paramotoring is similar to paragliding.

Flt Lt Fowler, who has served in the RAF for 25 years, holds the record for the highest UK paramotor flight, at 21,746ft.

Flt Lt Fowler also flew the longest non-stop flight in the UK, travelling 300 miles coast to coast, from former RAF Brawdy in Pembrokeshire to Beccles Airfield in Suffolk in 2017.

The pair was assisted in their attempt by friends and fellow paramotorist enthusiasts Katie Pagett and Andy Greaves, who offered ground support by carrying fuel, spare parts and supplies for the pilots.