19th century shell discovered in Portsmouth

Royal Navy Bomb Experts Destroy 19th Century Shell

It was discovered just 30 metres away from one of Portsmouth's piers.

19th century shell discovered in Portsmouth

The shell was destroyed on Thursday (Picture: MOD).

Royal Navy bomb experts have destroyed a 19th-century shell discovered by a fisherman in Portsmouth.

It was found just 30 metres away from one of the citypierser which was closed as a precaution.

Southern Diving Unit 2, based in Portsmouth, moved the 29kg object and destroyed it further out at sea at around 7pm on Thursday evening.

The device is thought to be a British rifled muzzle-loaded projectile.

Chief Petty Officer (Diver) Andrew Marshall said:

"When I arrived I identified that the munition was no longer fused but that it still held an explosive risk to the public."

The Southern Diving Group comprises two Area Clearance Diving Units. Southern Diving Unit One (SDU1) is located in Plymouth and SDU2 located in Portsmouth.

They consist of up to 60 Royal Navy Clearance Divers and supporting specialists.

As the Fleet Diving Squadron’s specialists in Maritime EOD, they also hold small teams ready to deploy around the world.