HMS Queen Elizabeth Captain Removed From Ship As 'Precautionary Measure'

It was confirmed last week that Captain Nick Cooke-Priest is being "reassigned" from his role on the aircraft carrier.

The Commanding Officer of HMS Queen Elizabeth has been removed from the aircraft carrier, during what was to be his one of his final journeys in command.

Last week the Royal Navy said Captain Nick Cooke-Priest was being "reassigned" following a dispute over the use of HMS Queen Elizabeth's official car.

He had been due to sail the aircraft carrier to Portsmouth from Rosyth this week, but the decision has been taken to remove him from the warship.

HMS Queen Elizabeth returned to Rosyth for routine maintenance work last month.

HMS Queen Elizabeth left Rosyth dock earlier this week (Picture: Babcock International).

A Royal Navy spokesperson said: "In light of the ongoing investigation, as a precautionary measure to protect both the individual and the Ship’s Company, the Royal Navy has decided that Captain Nick Cooke-Priest will not be at sea in HMS Queen Elizabeth."

It is understood Capt Nick Cooke-Priest is to be succeeded by Captain Steve Moorhouse as Commanding Officer later this month.

Capt Cooke-Priest became Commanding Officer of HMS Queen Elizabeth last October, taking over from Commodore Jerry Kyd.

Capt Moorhouse is currently in charge of HMS Prince of Wales, Queen Elizabeth's sister ship.