10 Soldiers play

Army Dance Theatre Production An 'Amazing Story'

The performance aims to tell the story of soldiers and their unique military lifestyle.

10 Soldiers play

Modern-day life in the British Army both on and off the battlefield is being told through dance theatre.

'10 Soldiers', explores the journey troops take in the Armed Forces, including their social life and serious issues like injury and equality.

According to choreographer Rosie Kay, the performance wants to show the transition from "civilian to soldier". 

Ms Kay first won plaudits for her work on '5 Soldiers' which was created after she was embedded with 4 RIFLES on exercise.

Among the team is serving soldier and trained dancer Trooper Alex Smith who helped develop 10 Soldiers before he returned to his unit.

Rosie explains his significance in the performance:  

One scene sees troops on a night out with a female comrade which unravels into an aggressive situation.

Dancer Harriet Ellis says the scene "isn't necessarily reflective of the army but possibly reflective of how men perceive women in general within society":

The issues explored in the performance comes at a relevant time after the announcement by the Ministry of Defence that all women can now serve in Army close combat roles.

10 Soldiers opens at the Birmingham Hippodrome on 21 May.