WWII RAF Airfield Used For Illegal Rave

Thousands of people attended the event at RAF Charmy Down.


Police have responded to an illegal rave attended by thousands of people at a Second World War Royal Air Force base.

Charmy Down airfield, which is situated three miles from Bath, was used by both British and American forces during World War Two.

Avon and Somerset Police started receiving calls about an event at the site just after 11pm on Saturday and diverted patrols to the scene.

"Officers closed off the approach routes, however people were abandoning vehicles and making their way to the site on foot," a statement from Avon and Somerset Police said.

"Officers were still turning vehicles away at 6:40am on Sunday. 

"A full risk assessment last night concluded that the potential risks to public safety of an intervention to close an event attended by more than 3,000 people in dark and wet conditions were too great.

"There were also other significant incidents across the force area including 120 999 calls which required an immediate police response and the attention of our resources.

"Therefore the decision was taken to contain the event until daylight hours."