Scots Dragoon Guards Face Desert Falcon

Tough conditions and testing times have been on the agenda for The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards.

They have been on Exercise Desert Falcon, training under a local commander in the United Arab Emirates.

The oldest British cavalry regiment in the British Army were working alongside the UAE's Presidential Guard Reconnaissance Group to defeat an enemy in the scenario.

The exercise was split into two phases, where troops learned how to carry out observation work in the Middle-Eastern desert around Al-Hamra, and then the rocky mountains of Masafi.

Working in unfamiliar conditions and terrain, the exercise is particularly testing for the Dragoon Guards' Jackal drivers.

"It's gold dust for us...brilliant to be able to train in this austere environment,"

Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Dominic Coombes tells Forces News.

Lieutenant Benedict Dent-Pooley says: "It's fantastic to get the training value operating with the Emiratis out in this environment, and learning how to use our vehicles in the desert."

"What they can teach us about this, which is very different to the training we do out in the UK - it's been very good working with them."

This stage of the exercise is completed when Squadron headquarters and observation posts are successfully built.

Watch Ashleigh Cowie's full report above.