The soldier was spotted by locals standing by (Picture: Reuters).
Special forces

SAS Hero Who Secured Kenyan Hotel To Receive Top Award

The soldier was spotted by locals standing by (Picture: Reuters).

The unidentified SAS member was off-duty at the time (Picture: Reuters).

A member of British special forces who killed two terrorists during a hotel siege in Kenya will be awarded one of the UK's highest honours.

The unidentified SAS member shot and killed two of the four al-Shabaab gunmen in January this year, during a terrorist attack on a hotel in Nairobi, according to reports.

Off-duty at the time, he was seen wearing combat gear over jeans and a shirt when he entered the complex alone.

He was later photographed coming out of the hotel with terrified survivors, after bolstering efforts to evacuate 700 people.

Twenty-one people, including a Briton named Luke Potter, were killed in the attack.

It is thought the SAS soldier was in the country to train Kenyan special forces.

The award is among those expected to be published at the end of this month in the Operational Honours list.