Sailors from across the Royal Navy have been putting the finishing touches to their training ahead of their debut as members of the Queen's Guard. 

Royal Navy prepares to guard the Queen

It’s believed to be the first time in more than 400 years that sailors have replaced soldiers at Buckingham Palace.

“The last time the Royal Navy held the role of the Queen’s Guard – it was under the command of Sir Walter Raleigh”

Coldstream Guards march past Buckingham Palace

The ceremonial duty comes at the end of what the Ministry of Defence has declared 'The Year of the Navy'

Royal Navy sailors on parade for guarding the Queen

There are aspects of the assignment that are new to the Royal Navy but Lieutenant Commander Steve Elliott, who will be leading the sailors in the role of Captain of the Queen's Guard, is confident that weeks of drills will have prepared them.

“It’s been a little bit learn as we go along - I’m confident we’ll get it right”

Royal Navy on parade for guarding the Queen

The sailors have been put through their paces by drill instructors from the 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards to perfect their routines.

Royal Navy prepare for Changing of the Guard

The first Royal Navy 'Changing the Guard' will take place at Buckingham Palace on Sunday November 26, followed by Windsor Castle on Monday November 27.