Russian troops parade

Russian Troops Warned Against Using Smartphones After Security Leaks

Russian troops parade

Russian soldiers could be limited to how much they use smartphones, in order to preserve security.

The move by the Russian armed forces comes after troops’ movements during conflicts, such as those in Ukraine and Syria, were reportedly revealed through soldiers' social media posts.

Russian troops will now be encouraged to use simple models of mobile phones, without cameras or geolocation tracking software, according to Moscow newspaper, Kommersant.

Officers hope that this will also help prevent information from secret documents being shared.

A list of 11 safer phones has been drawn up by Russian military officials, according to local reports.

It follows concerns that fitness tracking devices were allowing the public publication of data relating to the movements of soldiers stationed at foreign military bases.

On 7 February, confirmation was made that Russian mercenaries had been killed by US-led forces in Syria - the latest in a series of reported security leaks.

Information allegedly emerged through fighters expressing their condolences on the troops’ social media pages, according to a group investigating Russian military activity.

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