Cover image: Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab (Picture: PA).

Russia Trying To Exploit Coronavirus Crisis, Foreign Secretary Warns

Cover image: Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab (Picture: PA).

Russia is among the countries trying to exploit the challenges created by the coronavirus crisis, the Foreign Secretary has warned.

Dominic Raab said Russia had not made a “material difference” to the UK’s health response to the pandemic but had attempted to use it to its advantage.

He told Sky News the UK is "making sure" it has the "resilience the defence and the capabilities to prevent them from doing so".

Mr Raab also warned the pandemic has created a “perceived opportunity” for state and non-state actors through cyber and other means.

His comments echo those made by the Defence Secretary in April.

Ben Wallace warned Russia and China may be seeking to exploit the crisis, accusing Moscow of pursuing a campaign of "misinformation".

Also in April, a team from the Ministry of Defence was sent to the Cabinet Office to try and stop online misinformation and fake news being spread over the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Cover image: Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab (Picture: PA).

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