Russia And NATO Conduct Parallel Drills Over Baltic Sea

The Royal Navy's HMS Kent and HMS Ramsey are taking part in a NATO exercise in the region.

Russian military jets have flown training missions over the Baltic Sea, parallel with NATO drills in the region.

Russia’s Baltic Fleet said a dozen Su-24, Su-27 and Su-30 aircraft practised strikes against marine targets in the Baltic Sea, amid a nearby a NATO exercise.

The Royal Navy's HMS Kent and HMS Ramsey recently joined 26 other vessels and 29 aircraft for the Baltic Operations - or BALTOPS - exercise.

The US-led exercise involves 3,000 personnel from 19 NATO and partner nations. 

Earlier this month, RAF Typhoons stationed in Lithuania on a NATO policing mission scrambled to intercept Russian aircraft over the Baltic coast.

Russia-West relations sank to post-Cold War lows after the 2014 Russian annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula.

Months after the event, a NATO summit set out a Readiness Action Plan to adapt to new threats. 

It has seen around 800 British Army personnel leading a NATO battlegroup in Estonia, as part of the alliance's Enhanced Forward Presence mission.

Russia has repeatedly described NATO deployments near its borders as a security threat, rejecting claims its fighter jets perform unsafe manoeuvres while shadowing alliance planes.

Russia and the alliance have blamed each other for conducting destabilising military exercises near the borders.

Cover image: Russian Su-24 and Su-30SM aircraf (Picture: Russian MOD).