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Royals Push For More Military Mental Health Awareness

His Royal Highness Prince Harry has said that he is proud of The Royal Foundation’s in supporting injured troops and promoting discussion of...

Royal Foundation

Prince Harry has said that he is proud of The Royal Foundation supporting injured troops and promoting discussion of mental health.

He was speaking at an event in London aimed at working out the Foundation’s future priorities.

Prince Harry appeared alongside the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and of course his future wife Meghan Markle.

heads together

Since the foundation was formed in 2011 it's had several priorities, including conservation, young people and mental health, as well as the armed forces - as Harry said:

“It’s all based around changing mind-sets around the attitude towards wounded injured and sick veterans across the globe.”

The Foundation has had several huge initiatives aimed at supporting service personnel and veterans, including the Endeavour Fund and the Invictus Games - where Harry and Meghan made their first public appearance.

Last year, the Foundation turned their focus towards military mental health with a partnership launched between Prince Harry and the MoD.

This was aimed at spreading the message that mental fitness is just as important as being physically able.

heads together

For the Royal Family, that's part of a much wider message; William said:

“There’s a huge stigma and taboo around male mental health.

“Some of the statistics that came out after heads together were that we managed to create around 800,000 new conversations about mental health between men.”

Nearly 7 years on from its launch, The Royal Foundation has worked to change the discussion around mental health, and support charities and projects that are hugely important to the Royal Family.