Cover image: Royal Navy.

Royal Navy's Upgraded Spearfish Torpedo Undergoes Final Trials

Cover image: Royal Navy.

The Royal Navy's new, upgraded torpedo has been put through its final trials off the coast of Scotland.

The enhanced Spearfish, billed by the Navy as the 'world's most advanced torpedo', underwent three days of tests which involved submarine HMS Talent.

The Trafalgar-class boat fired the weapon on the ranges near the Isle of Skye.

It was also fired at the submarine three times but the torpedo was programmed to safely pass the boat.

HMS Talent's Commanding Officer, Commander Paul Jamieson, said: "The Spearfish upgrade will ensure the submarine service continues to possess a very credible weapon system, capable of dealing with potential future threats."

The trials provided valuable data in the final stages of the upgraded torpedo’s development ahead of its entry into service.

The Spearfish Programme Director, who is also a former commanding officer of HMS Talent, said the trials mark the culmination of a "tremendous amount of hard work".

The Royal Navy has been using Spearfish torpedoes for nearly 30 years (Picture: Royal Navy).
The Royal Navy has been using Spearfish torpedoes for nearly 30 years (Picture: Royal Navy).

Captain John Aitken said: "The 'Mod 1' weapon is at the very cutting edge of torpedo technology and underscores Britain's position as one of the global leaders in underwater capability."

Spearfish has been the Royal Navy’s heavyweight torpedo for nearly 30 years.

It can break the back of frigates, destroyers and similar-sized warships, as well as take out any underwater threats, the Navy said.

The enhanced Spearfish features a new warhead, a new and safer fuel system, and a fibre-optic guidance link with the parent submarine.

The operational version of the torpedo will be introduced to all frontline Royal Navy submarines by 2025.

Last week, it was announced a new £230m contract had been agreed to provide maintenance for the Royal Navy's Spearfish and Sting Ray torpedoes.

Cover image: Royal Navy.

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