HMS Montrose at sea

Royal Navy's HMS Montrose Shadows British Tanker In The Gulf

The British tanker passed through the Strait of Hormuz without incident.

HMS Montrose at sea

The Royal Navy's HMS Montrose (Picture: Royal Navy).

The Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, has mocked the UK, calling it "scared" and "hopeless" for using Royal Navy warships to escort a British tanker in the Gulf.

Mr Rouhani also warned that the UK would face "consequences" over its seizure of a tanker allegedly carrying Iranian oil off Gibraltar last week.

The British tanker, the Pacific Voyager, is now at anchor off the port of Fujairah, having passed through the Strait of Hormuz without incident.

It was shadowed, some of the way by Royal Navy warship, HMS Montrose.

The Type 23 frigate is permanently based in a new support facility in the Gulf for three years as part of the UK’s commitment to the security of the Middle East.

Authorities intercepted an Iranian tanker believed to be breaching European Union sanctions (Picture: MOD). (Picture: MOD).

Last week, Royal Marines boarded a tanker off Gibraltar's coast after it was believed to be breaching EU sanctions whilst on its way to Syria.

The Panamanian-registered Grace 1 was carrying 2 million barrels of crude oil to the Banias Refinery in Syria.

The oil originated in Iran and was on its way when a tip-off led Royal Marine commandos, police and customs officers to board the tanker around two miles off Gibraltar.

Both the cargo and crew were detained.