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Royal Navy 'Top Gun' Pilot's Wife Granted Entry To UK After Visa Limbo

Ms Rawlins was left virtually homeless after Home Office delayed her visa application...

Facebook Simon and Marianne Rawlins

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The wife of a Royal Navy pilot nicknamed ‘Top Gun’ has had her UK visa application accepted after five months of uncertainty. 

Commander Rawlins met his wife Marianne while he was posted to the US supporting their navy.

They married in April, but had to separate a month later when Lt Rawlins received orders to return to the UK.

Ms Rawlins, a US citizen, applied for her settlement visa but became worried as the process was “not straightforward” and took months.

However, after Commander Rawlins wrote to 'The Telegraph' explaining how his wife was stuck in an immigration limbo, the Home Office has issued a visa and apologised for the situation.

According to the paper, the department said in a statement: “We have received all the information we requested to process Mrs Rawlins’ application and we have today issued her visa.

"We have also contacted her to apologise for any inconvenience.”

The lengthy wait left Mrs Rawlins homeless, with few possessions to her name as she shipped most of them to the UK expecting to be able live with her husband.

Ms Rawlins said she was “very grateful” for the support, but previously stated that the Home Office is 'numb to the idea that this actually affects lives and families': 

“They don’t seem to know or care.”

“I’ve paid $100 for multiple calls and emails and all they [UK Visas and Immigration] do is keep you on the phone for as much time as possible and tell you nothing,” she said.

Marianne and Simon Rawlins
Picture: Facebook

The Commander has previously fought against the Taliban, executing complicated manoeuvres against a Taliban stronghold.

He earned his “Top Gun” nickname after executing daring tricks, such as flipping his Harrier jet upside down while flying up the side of a mountain at more than 500mph to ward off enemy troops.

Commander Simon Rawlins commented on the recent reports that the military could be deployed in a Brexit worst-case-scenario saying:

“Perhaps I will be able to join the Home Office in preventing my wife from entering the country.”