Gibraltar, The Rock

The Royal Navy was involved in a standoff between a Spanish trawler illegally fishing in British Waters and a Spanish Police boat.

This was the third day in a row that the trawler entered UK waters.

Reports say that the trawler refused to leave which then led to a confrontation, which also saw the Spanish Guardia Civil boat become involved.

Michael J Sanchez, founder of Gibraltar Coast Watchers posted on twitter:

"HEADS UP HMS Penzance deploying to assist RN RGP in standoff with Spanish trawler off Eastside #Gibraltar"

According to reports, after the Guardia Civil boat entered the fray, Royal Navy sailors “read out a sovereignty warning to leave Gibraltar waters immediately”.

After around an hour, the trawler left and the Royal Navy vessels withdrew.

However, Mr Sanchez said that he believes the confrontation ended with the HMS Scimitar 'chasing' the Spanish police boat out of British waters.

A Royal Navy press spokesperson confirmed that the incident took place and said:

“This is nothing unusual, these things happen often".