Royal Navy Shadows Surfaced Russian Submarine Off UK Coast

HMS Tyne and HMS Mersey monitored the vessel as it passed through waters near to the UK.

Royal Navy warships have shadowed a Russian submarine in waters close to the UK.

HMS Tyne monitored the vessel in the English Channel after the French Navy tracked its journey through the Bay of Biscay.

The Kilo-class attack submarine Krasnador was built by the Soviet Union in 1980s, and was conducting a surfaced transit from the Eastern Mediterranean, the Navy said.

It was supported by tugboat Sergey Balk.

HMS Mersey took over monitoring duties from her sister ship after the Russian vessel passed through the Strait of Dover and into the North Sea on Monday.

Lieutenant Justin Shirtcliff, HMS Tyne’s Operations Officer, said the mission was a "routine undertaking".

HMS Mersey is pictured with the Russian submarine in the background (Picture: Royal Navy).

"Tyne responded in a coordinated effort with allies to shadow the Russian submarine and her escort while transiting the English Channel," he said.

"This routine undertaking is an enduring task for the Royal Navy, in which Tyne and her sister ships of the Royal Navy’s Overseas Patrol Squadron play a key role."

The announcement comes a day after the Intelligence and Security Committe published a long-awaited report into Russian activity in the UK.

It found the UK is one of Moscow's "top Western intelligence targets" and that the Government has "badly underestimated" the threat of Russia. 

Cover image: The Krasnodar submarine is seen surfaced, close to UK waters (Picture: Royal Navy).